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Ciao Bella Design

Our Work

We are proud of the work we do & would like to give you a better perspective on the definition of our services with a birds eye view of visions, examples and results. Some of these projects are currently ongoing & so we will be adding photos as we progress.


This homeowner wanted a totally different look & feel to their living room & kitchen without a complete renovation. We accomplished this by selecting a complimenting color palette & defining what “look” made them happy! We added fresh paint in the living room & kitchen as the foundation. From there we chose a new rug, some new furniture pieces & accessories in the living room & painted the cabinets & replaced the lighting & counter tops in the kitchen. The result is a fresh & modern look with a calming color palette


This client was “so over” the dining room being used as an office, a den, a playroom & a library. They decided that the room needed a purpose & an identity. They needed a quiet getaway to read, think & converse – without technology playing a major role. The room was transformed into a cozy Study with places to sit, relax & contemplate life!

Modern Interior


Our clients needed help to consolidate some of their art. So we used a very long hallway to create a small, meandering art gallery that ends in a comfy chair for sitting & enjoying the view.


Even though the real estate market is “hot”, clients want to try to get top dollar for their home & the best way to do this is to neutralize & simplify the décor so that a potential buyer can envision living in the home. We accomplished this by clearing clutter, removing excess personal items & updating the accessories to make the space feel open & welcoming.


This project involved helping the client declutter a bookcase & reorganize shelves. We reworked their favorite pieces to showcase them & added color & interest to attract the eye to the space.


Whether you are minimizing due to an empty nest or increasing your floor plan for more guest space, the main challenge often lies in “right sizing” your space. Right Sizing is our two part creative process that makes either of these transitions seamless and stress-free. Using our system we first focus on the reorganization of items in your existing home. We then create a new floor plan using your most loved furnishings and accessories to create a harmonious new living space. If you are down-sizing we assist in helping to edit when needed. If you are moving into a larger space we can help make sure the new items you acquire will be perfect for your new home. The end result for both is a home that enhances your life style and provides the harmony that a personally designed room can bring.

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