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With any type of home staging or interior design It’s always a good idea to begin with the end in mind, so services are designed around your needs. Here are some of the more common services requested:

room refresh


Room Refresh: Sometimes a room just needs a little lift to restore its freshness & make it new again. This can be accomplished in a number of ways – from paint, wallpaper & new furniture or just simply rearranging of everything.  You’d be surprised at what moving pillows, accessories & lighting can do to refresh a space.

Ciao Bella Design
Interior Design


Style Adjustment: Maybe you just don’t “love” the look of a room the way you used to. Or you’ve changed your style preferences and you just want an upgrade to something trendy & fresh.  In most cases this is easily done by keeping the foundations of the furniture the same and changing the color scheme or accessories.

Ciao Bella Design
Color Pencils


Color Scheme Redo: Are you over the “blues” that attracted you to the beach house in the beginning? Do you feel that you need a more modern palette & don’t know where to begin?  Getting the color right affects the mood and harmony of your space and is important in projecting the feeling you desire from your spaces.

Ciao Bella Design
Family Room with Fireplace


Furniture Placement / Replacement: The furniture in most rooms has been in the same configuration since it was purchased or placed there. Most rooms have the space to change the placement of the furnishings and thereby change the function or feel of the room. Or perhaps the room just needs a new or updated piece to make all the difference.

Ciao Bella Design
Living Room


Simplify / Repurpose: Do you want to make the dining room into a study? Are you tired of your office being in the guest bedroom? Is there a room in your home that has “too many” functions and therefore appears cluttered or has no identity? Repurposing a room is a fun project and ultimately adds a totally new space to your home that enhances how you want to live now.

Ciao Bella Design
Interior Design


Staging for Resale: The secret to a quick sale is getting the price right and helping potential buyers see themselves living in your home. Improper or no staging at all is the main reason a house takes longer to sell or gets offers far below the asking price. Staging can be accomplished economically if done thoughtfully and strategically. Removing personal mementos, clutter & outdated décor can make a strong statement to potential buyers.

Ciao Bella Design
Decorative Lighting


Lighting Approaches: A room’s lighting should be based on the room’s function. Proper lighting sets the mood and brings harmony to the rooms purpose. Simply putting a lamp on the sofa table isn’t the answer. The room's purpose needs to be the catalyst for the lighting approach. Balance, mood & harmony are very important to setting the space.

Ciao Bella Design
objects d'art


Objects d’Art: Too many or too few accessories can throw the look & balance of a room completely off. Appropriate and well placed accessories and art work can take a room from junky to sophisticated in a few simple steps. Defining the feel, function, mood and purpose for the room is step one. Step two is the thoughtful acquisition and placement

of the pieces. Objects d’Art are the finishing touches a room needs to become the space you visualized and desired.

Ciao Bella Design


Right Sizing: Whether you are minimizing due to an empty nest or increasing your floor plan for more guest space, the main challenge often lies in “right sizing” your space. Right Sizing is our two part creative process that makes either of these transitions seamless and stress-free. Using our system we first focus on the reorganization of items in your existing home. We then create a new floor plan using your most loved furnishings and accessories to create a harmonious new living space. If you are down-sizing we assist in helping to edit when needed. If you are moving into a larger space we can help make sure the new items you acquire will be perfect for your new home. The end result for both is a home that enhances your life style and provides the harmony that a personally designed room can bring.

Ciao Bella Design

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All projects are customized & fees are aligned with the work being done.

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